Our quality management system, safety management system and other certification processes required by our customers are aprroved by class companies which is represented in all continents for companies that have proved themselves in name and quality in the world.

Our main aim is to keep ISO 9001 - 14001 - 18001 quality certificates not only as a document but also to record the sensitivity and quality production shown in production process and to continuously develop quality and management system with the participation of employees.

Our Company provides quality certifications to our customers by performing the required certification processes for their sectors in which they work besides the basic quality certificates, under the supervision of both the factory and third party class organizations as BV,LL,DNV,GL or ABS.

We can provide below certificates for our customers ;

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • AD WO 2000
  • PED

Above certificates Shows our capabilities and all of certifications and documentations are not limited with above certificates.

We are producing all of cast products as per below ıso standarts;

  • Grey Cast Iron – EN 1561 (ISO 185)
  • Ductile Cast Iron - EN 1563 (ISO 1083)
  • Carbon and Low alloy steel castings – ISO 14737/2015
  • Corrosion-resistant cast steels for general applications – ISO 11972 : 2015
  • Heat-resistant cast steels and alloys for general applications - ISO 11973:2015
  • Austenitic manganese steel castings – ISO 13521 : 2015
  • Dimensional Tolerance – ISO 8062

For all of certificate copies pls contact with us.