Machine Moulding

The production process of machine moulding is especially suited for the production of castings in bigger quantities or for serial production.

Beside economic factors with medium and bigger quantities the advantages of this method like mostly in a high reproduction capability as regards dimensions and surface structure.

Further the skilled workers in our moulding and melting shop take care of continued optimisation between material and quantity – for high efficiency, lower consumption of resources and massive cost reductions for our customers.

In the machine-moulding shop we use the alphaset resin process with flask sizes from 850 x 850 x 850 millimetres or up to 2000 x 2000 x 2000 millimetres and with unit weights up to 500 kilograms.

Core production

The production of cores for the later cavities in units is in general the first step of the production line and it requires anticipatory planning. For the quality of a material an exactly produced core is as important as the mould itself.

According to specific requirements of the finished casting we at Karabekir use various base materials in the production of cores.

These materials can be:

  • Alphaset resin sand
  • CO2 –sand
  • Chrome ore sand
  • Shell moulding sand

Hand Moulding

We use the production method of hand-moulding mostly when making prototypes, smaller quantities and bigger castings. According to this we have a very broad services spectrum with flask sizes up to 2,200 x 2,200 x 1,600 millimetres and unit weights up to 500 kilograms for steel castings and 1000 kilograms for iron castings.

In the hand-moulding shop we use the alphaset resin procedure and your order is implemented by our qualified employees, who are especially skilled for advanced manual and creative tasks.