Karabekir Casting LTD is committed to protecting the environment from all forms &types of pollution caused by its activities.To achieve this objective Karabekir Steel Foundry dedicated to :

*Taking all practical steps to safeguard the working environment and ensure the safety off all personnel working in our foundry or sub -contracting facilities by the Company.

Setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets;

Providing adequate resources to meet the set company objectives and targets

Raising awareness of the environment amongst personnel.

Achieving continual improvement in the company`s safety and environmental record.

Reviewing the suitability of alternative or new technology,systems or equipment which can enhance safer operations and reducing environmental impact.

Disposing,handling and controlling all waste in an environmentally sound manner.

Considering all environmental consequences where practical when engaging in goods or services from third parties.

Providing appropriate training to all personnal whose work may create a significant impact upon safety and environment.

Ensuring Compliance with all applicable national and international laws,regulations and other requirements as applicable and identified by the company.

Observing the requirements of the company`s Quality&Environmental system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and other private customer`s international requirements.

Making the company`s policy available for public scrutiny.